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Spawarka światłowodowa INNO IFS-10 + obcinarka VF-15H, zapasowa para elektrod, akcesoria

Spawarka światłowodowa INNO IFS-10 + obcinarka VF-15H, zapasowa para elektrod, akcesoria

Producent: INNO InstrumentDostępność: Na zamówienie

Kod produktu: XB-SF-IFS10-VF15HZapytaj o produkt

24 779,12 zł z VAT
20 145,63 zł netto


IFS-10 High-End ARC Fusion Splicer 


INNO Fiber Master IFS-10 Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer with the New DACAS (Digital Analysis Core Alignment System) is one of the most dependable splicers on the market. The Fiber Master splicer features a rubberized design for field use in harsh weather conditions. The IFS-10 has a friendly, intuitive GUI(Graphical user Interface) with a 5 inch color LCD screen that is easy to see and is adjustable for front and rear splicer orientation. The sizeable, large battery capacity at full charge allows for up to 350 splices. Amazingly, the IFS-10 splicer is the most reliable and user friendly Core Alignment splicer in the world.


  • 2.2kg weight (without battery)
  • Splicing method: DACAS(Digital Analysis Core Alignment System)
  • Harsh weather conditions adaptability
  • Friendly smart GUI
  • Large battery capacity: 350 Splice and Heat
  • Quick optimize menu
  • High precision splicing
  • USB master port, easy to upgrade software
  • Operate in Bi-directional view

  • Battery


    Typically 350 cycles
    IFS-10 serves over 350 cycles of splicing. 
    The battery capacity is 9800mAH with the highest level in ARC fusion splicer equipment. 
    Also, the battery life will be demonstrated via 5 stage of battery indicator.


    Easy exchange of electrodes
    The electrode does not require using screw driver. It can simply remove and replace with one’s hand. Replacement procedure is following;Loosen screw located on electrode cover-->take electrode out of electrode cover (Electrode is fitted in electrode cover).


    Easy to clean the mirror
    Anti-fog treated mirror is included in IFS-10. It does not require cleaning the mirror as replacement any parts. Easy maintenance of mirror gives better splicing results.

    Heat oven

    Heating oven with a zoom window
    After splicing, it is clear to figure out sleeve processing. IFS-10 heat oven has a magnifying glass. Users can easily check the sleeve via magnifying glass window.

    LED light

    Bright LED for dark environment
    LED light is enough bright to work in dark place. Users can find out thin optical fiber during working in dark environment.


    Independent clamp motion
    Both clamps are independent to adjust each other. If the clamp needs to be replaced, it can change one clamp not both.

    LCD monitor

    5” monitor
    IFS-10 monitor is protected by tempered glass LCD. Core image is clearly showed with the highest resolution 5” LCD monitor.


    Illuminated keypads
    Keypad is illuminated brightly so that each button can be figured out in dark working environment. Also pressing usage time is more than 1 million times.


    Changeable holder for multi-functional splicing
    Both side holders can be replaced easily with screwed driver. Users are available to use a variety of fiber for their needs.




    Weight 2.2kg without battery
    Applicable Fibers SM(ITU-TG.652)/MM(ITU-TG.651)/DS(ITU-TG.653)/NZDS(ITU-TG.655)/ITU-TG.657A/ITU-TG.657B
    Average Loss SM(0.02dB) | MM(0.01dB) | DS(0.04dB) | NZDS(0.04dB)
    Splicing Method Core alignment (DACAS: Digital Analysis Core Alignment System)
    Pull Test 1.96~2.25N (standard)
    Electrode Lifespan > 2,5000 arcs
    Cleaved Length Goating diameter < 0.25mm = 8-16mm, Coating diameter > 0.25 = 16mm minimum
    Coating / Cladding Diameter 100-100um / 80-150um
    Heating Programs  Preset 10 heating modes
    Return Loss >>60dB
    Splicing Time 9s avarage SM | 7s SM Quick Mode
    Heating Time FP-03 typical heating time 30s
    Protection Sleeve 60mm, 40mm
    Data Output USB master device and COM
    Splice Programs 100 user mode
    Splice Memory Up to 2000 records
    Battery Typical full cycle 350 Splice and Heat
    Power Supply AC 100-240V input or DC 10-15V
    Color 5" LCD monitor, with tempered glass
    Size 155 x 130 x 143mm (excluding rubber bumper)
    Cameras 2 CCD camera system
     Magnification XY style : 150 power, X/Y: 300 power
    Fiber Display X/Y pr XY, single X.Y
    Windo Protection The max wind speed 15m/s
    Operation Environment Elevation 0-5000 meters, -10~50°C, ~95% relative humidity
    Storage Condition Temperature -40 to 80°C, ~95% relative humidity


        Model NO.QTY.
        Fusion SplicerIFS-101
        High Precison Cleaver        VF-781
        AC AdapterJS-126300-X             1
        Cooling TrayCG-221
        Battery PackLBT-201
        Power CableACC-251
        Carrying CaseNBX-351
        RS CableRS-111
        Cigarette Lighter CableCJ-111


    Rabaty przyznawane automatycznie na cały asortyment sklepu, w odniesieniu do spawarek nie mają zastosowania w pełnej wysokości


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